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Lowell feat. Icona Pop - Ride

It dropped on Friday and it's a bombshell of a song... "Ride" by Lowell feat. Icona Pop is full of in-your-face glittery fierce attitude and that's why we love it! It is inspired by the Van Buren sisters, who were the first women to cross the US on motorcycles in 1916, as an act of defiance against gender conventions. Since the release of her EP "I Killed Sarah V." Lowell has been slowly but surely asserting herself as an exuberantly creative, sex-positive pop icon and it's no surprise girl power duo Icona Pop invited her to collaborate.

Of the song, Lowell said:

“Ride” is for everyone out there who has been called “abrasive” for being bold, a “rebel” for rioting, a “shit-disturber” for disrupting the status quo, and, most of all, for all the bad-asses who get called “bitchy” for being BOSS.”