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10 secrets revealed about Giorgio Moroder

This week we had the privilege to spend an intimate evening in the company of the legendary producer Giorgio Moroder, famous for his work with Donna Summer and for pioneering synth disco and EDM. The event was organised by Sony Music and Bridges For Music, a fantastic charity raising global awareness about local issues through music. You can find out more about them here.

But more importantly it was the occasion to hear sneaky behind the scenes stories from the man himself, and here is a selection of the best ones!

1- He didn't get along with Freddie Mercury: "Freddie was one of the best performers around but also one of the best divas."

2- He admits it was a "mistake" to turn down making the music for the film 'Fame'. What an understatement.

3- He wrote a song for Bob Dylan who rejected it. He is still sad about it: "It would have been my dream."

4- The rumor according to which he used to "test" his music by blasting it out of the speakers while driving around in his sports car is unfounded, he actually just sat in his Rolls-Royce and gave it a listen.

5- When Daft Punk approached him to make the track "Giorgio by Moroder", he did like their work but his son Alessandro played a key role by telling him, "Dad, you have to do this, these guys are awesome!"

6- Recently starting a career as a DJ allows him to be the star performer he's always dreamt to be: "Playing in front of 30,000 people I felt almost like Michael Jackson!"

7- His favourite DJs are Calvin Harris, Tiësto and Skrillex.

8- He started as a guitarist in the early days, and when asked "If you could be a guitarist in any band between then and now, which would it be?" he answers: "The Rolling Stones... the chords are not too hard." Cue audience laughing fit.

9- Nowadays, he only has two synthesizers and doesn't even use them: "Everything is in the box!" Yes, he means a computer.

10- About the one time he went to Studio 54: "I thought, 'I have to take a limo, someone's gonna be naked on a horse!' But when I arrived at 11pm, there was no one there, it was too early!"