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I Am Camera

Steal. Appropriate. Connect. Evolve. Become Legendary. “It’s your survival instinct” inform 

I AM A CAMERA“The Legendary Children” 

I AM A CAMERA are Mancunian Francesca and Northern-Irish Londoner Ian. They have spent the last year putting out highly acclaimed tracks such as “Factory Boys” and their cover of Pet Shop Boys “Rent” which hit #1 and #2 on Hypemachine, along with remixing the likes of Lana Del Rey, Zebra Katz and S’Express.

“The Legendary Children” comes with a whole heap of mixes from some of the Top Dogs of the Underground, namely the blonde bombshell Ms Jodie Harsh, Severino and Hi-Fi Sean aka Up Yours, new DJs in town Mr Jones, Goldlines and BFK and the truly legendary Mark Moore and Roland Faber.

. “It’s that state of mind that gets you out of bed, fuels your ambition, drive and individuality, it’s your lightning. Our new track is a hymn to everyone out there doing it for themselves”.

The band are also unleashing a video for “The Legendary Children” – “our influences were the film “Spring Breakers”, Dee-Lite, Pedro Almodovar and Roy Lichtenstein – all the classics”.

Having played a number of dates in the last twelve months including Lovebox and The Sebright Arms, I Am A Camera will be returning to the live stage later this year.

“The Legendary Children” is released on digital Sunday August 25th on Tim and Danny Music.

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