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Grimes releases new video "REALiTi"

Our first reaction to the news was a pure and simple "YEY!!" as her last album Visions left us hooked and longing for more. But the videos Grimes has been teasing her fans with for the past three years are unconnected to her much-awaited fourth album - a couple of songs with her friend Blood Diamonds, a crazy homemade Christmas video, and now this demo from her "lost album". The video for "REALiTi" was shot by Claire Boucher and her brother Mac during Grimes' tour of Asia in March 2013 and it shows Claire dancing and singing in various highly photogenic location. The song indulges in some great pop melodies and it's hard not to feel a pang of sadness when you think about how good this album could have been hadn't it been lost in a technological black hole. Still this is a great song to listen to while waiting for the follow-up to Visions.

Photo credit: Dustin Cohen