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Fantasy 12, a tribute to the talents behind iconic record covers

Art and music meet for this exhibition showcasing the talent of the designers, artists and photographers behind some iconic record covers.

But instead of simply exhibiting said iconic artwork, the creators of 'Fantasy 12' – online contemporary art store Hen’s Teeth Prints, digital publication This Greedy Pig and record label Choice Cuts – decided to reach out to the artists behind their favourite record covers and ask the question: "If there were no boundaries and you could release an album from an iconic artist (past or present), what would the artwork look like?".

The result is 15 album sleeves reimagined by talented designers and artists including Nick Gazin (responsible for Run The Jewels' viral artwork), Mike Zimmerman (who designed that Shamir record cover we love) and Ian Anderson, owner of cult studio The Designers Republic and originator of groundbreaking record covers for Warp Records.

Fantasy 12 opens tomorrow in Dublin’s Copper House Gallery and will run alongside a programme of live music, DJs, talks, screenings and record fairs.