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Blossoms' festival interview

We've had psych-pop band Blossoms - Tom, Charlie, Josh, Joe and Myles - on our radar for a few months and they are going to be everywhere this summer, so we thought we'd sit down with them to have a chat about festivals, and what they remember/love/hate about them...

Avenir: First of all, can you introduce yourselves as a band?

Blossoms: We are Blossoms, a five-piece band from Stockport, which is about 4 miles from Manchester. We were all born in the same hospital. We are all into classic pop songwriting from the 60s up until now: The Beatles, The Doors, ABBA, Arctic Monkeys and everything in between. Blossoms rose from the ashes of 5 different music endeavours; [our now drummer] Joe knew everyone and linked it all together.

Avenir: What’s your most memorable festival experience?

Tom: I went to Leeds Festival in 2012 and our keyboard player Myles was there, but I didn’t really know him then. Myles dabbled in a few medicines and he jumped on someone’s tent and crushed it. And while Myles was on the floor the guy whose tent it was, who was usually a very reserved person, just let loose and kicked Myles’ ass. And that was my first memory of Myles, before we were in a band together. 

Also, Joe, Charlie and I went to Benicàssim together 2 years ago when Arctic Monkeys played and that was the catalyst for this band really. After the festival we went to Barcelona with no money and just blagged free food and got sunburnt; it was an important bonding experience.

Avenir: What’s your favourite festival drink?

Blossoms: In Benicàssim we drank Sangria, this year when we played in Texas at SXSW it was lager – Miller Lite. Otherwise gin. But our guitarist Josh is teetotal and totally into tea!

Avenir: And your favourite festival food?

Blossoms: When we were in Texas we had really good tacos. We love falafel too, with lots of hummus. Some of us are traditional English boys and love a chippy. Or döner kebabs but we regret them each time.

Avenir: What stereotypes of festivalgoers make you cringe the most?

Blossoms: The sort of people who are really normal any day of the year but then you see them at festivals wearing tie-dye and UV face paint. Or the people who go for the social aspect of a festival but don’t care about the music. But maybe that’s fine, and it’s still better than people who just turn up to steal things or kick off.

Avenir: Are you going to any festivals this summer?

Blossoms: We are playing at most of them, except for Glastonbury. We’ve already played at SXSW, The Great Escape, Liverpool Sound City; and we’ll also be at T in the Park, Kendal Calling, Leeds and Reading, Y Not Festival and Festival No. 6. 

Avenir: Where are you at in terms of releases?

Blossoms: We’ve got a few singles out and an EP called “Blown Roses” coming out soon.