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Bleu Toucan - Imagine

Léo Becerra and Emmanuel Bonzé are the most French-looking boys you’ll ever meet and together as Bleu Toucan, they perpetuate the French electro tradition, made famous by the likes of Daft Punk and Air. What more could you ask for? 

Let your mind wander freely as you watch the video for their new single “Imagine”, a breezy, tropical-sounding tune with dreamy synths, groovy piano lines, and sultry vocals. The EP also includes “Easy to Find”, another beach-friendly, highly catchy track, as well as remixes, and it was released on Continental Records, the label created by Jerry Bouthier, a pioneer of the French early 90s electronic music scene who later became Vivienne Westwood’s music director and an active member of the Kitsuné family, among many other music-related activities.

Listen to the full EP here


Photo credit: Antoine Henault

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