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"Faith in Art" exhibition

 “Faith in Art” brought 27 pieces of carefully selected artworks and imagery from Paloma’s musical career, displayed in a beautiful space, all signed by Paloma and the photographer.

The images were standing out by their vivid colours and rich styling, and even though there were different artists involved in this project, Paloma Faith and AlbumArtists have succeeded to create a complete consistency throughout the exhibition.

While “Paloma Silver” by Alice Hawkins created a huge buzz, while Paloma’s favourite is “Fall to Grace” by David Standish.

Here is an exclusive interview with the Founder and Director of AlbumArtists, Fraser Kee Scott, who has been working on this project for 9 months. We talked about Paloma Faith, AlbumArtists, and ‘Faith in Art’ exhibition.

How did you start working with Paloma Faith? 

We started working with Paloma Faith because I'm a huge fan of her artwork.  I was in HMV looking at all the albums on the shelf and my favourite of all of them was Paloma's, and her publicist is the same as Coldplay's, Murray Chalmers, and he introduced us. 

Our first experience working together was discussing the show in terms of which photographers to work with and then which images to use. Paloma is very involved in her imagery and so cared a lot about the presentation and content of the show. 

How did you come up with this idea of album artwork?

I've been an art dealer for 16 years and got one of the artists I work with, Paul Normansell, in GQ, which was seen by Brandon Flowers of The Killers and he commissioned Paul to make album art for Day and Age, which was voted Best Album Art of the Year by Rolling Stone and nominated for the same by NME. That changed Paul and my life because prices of his works increased by 7 in the next few years and a limited edition print series sold out. So that made me investigate more into album art and I found out that fans are really interested in owning original and limited edition art and that musicians are really interested in having the coolest art, especially if it really helps them to get across a message that represents them. So we did a couple of exhibitions backstage at the MTV Awards and met Coldplay and showed them The Killers cover and project, and the rest is history. 

You work a lot with emerging artists, how do you spot these new talents ?

I've been an art dealer for 16 years so I've kept my eyes open for painters and printmakers for all that time and our Director of Photography has been the Director of Photography at GQ for 13 years so he has that side of things well covered too. Basically when a musician comes to us saying they want art we find out as much as we can about their album and then we suggest artists who might work for it. They then pick what fits them best - our job really is to find an artist who best helps a musician communicate their message visually. 

"We want to find the most bad-ass brilliant art for the musicians we work with" 

The level of creativity in this exhibition is is clearly vivid, as is the balance of art and music- Can you explain the collaborative process?

Paloma did an MA at St Martins and so she thinks visually, and is very involved in all aspects of her image. Saying that, the photographer for her last album, Fall to Grace, is David Standish who has a meticulous approach and collaborates with the drama and energy of Paloma's dream imagery to produce these drop dead stunning works. If you watch the videos at www.youtube.com/albumartists you can hear Paloma talk about her creative processes with David, Finlay MacKay, Saul and Alice Hawkins. But the point is that they collaborate very closely so that the photographer is channeling what Paloma is vocalising. 

Is there any specific reason why this exhibition is happening now?

Paloma is recording a new album now and so that will have new artwork, but the art in this show is so stunning that we wanted to exhibit it and Paloma had always imagined doing a show of it, so we wanted to do it now , at the tail end of Fall to Grace, before the new album is released. 

 What's your ultimate collectable piece of the exhibition?

Haha. I answer that like Julia Roberts would answer her name in Pretty Woman - "whatever one is your favourite."

The thing is that with art all that matters is how a work connects with you, different art connects with different people. Do not listen at all to what anyone else thinks or says about an artwork but only listen to and follow your heart - only that way can art achieve it's goal, which is to bring them happiness. 

For more information regarding artwork or prices email art@albumartists.co.uk


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