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Fine artist and poet Jem Goulding, whose growing popularity stems from her courageous vulnerability, shares a deeply profound piece that is sadly closer to home that she was expecting. It comes down to the eerie and beautiful cliché of life imitating art, and the heart shattering circumstances that can sometimes make for profoundly moving artists, who can do nothing but fill there voids with work. All beauty encompasses pain, and the sad circumstances under which this raw directors cut has come to light, is no different.

Unsuited to the ‘music video bureaucracy as an analogue artist, Goulding refused to shoot on commission when asked by Chicago art rock outfit Speck Mountain to make a visual for their track, but admitted feeling deeply inspired by the track after sharing it with lover and new creative confidant Gael Foucher in December.

Generously, despite her shortage of time and budget, Goulding offered up some unseen rushes from a personal reportage she had made for fun, with a fleeting romance with Baptise Demay 3 years prior. However half way in, Goulding found it increasingly difficult to work with the personal footage and due on set in Spain, she asked Foucher to take over the final direction of the film, since he had shown equal passion for the song and the imagery.

Convinced that the piece needed a female presence, taking it out of a singularly homo-erotic realm, Foucher went against what he knew would be Goulding’s wishes and insisted editor Bade Tarson work in some the scrap of outtakes featuring Goulding herself, which he had found at the end of the 8mm roll. Openly uneasy with her physical image, Goulding made no secret of her refusal to believe in her own beauty; something Foucher found frustrating. The consequence of such, romantically and tragically shines through this piece, and leaves a lasting message for his co-creator. The final cut of the film shows footage of Goulding, originally shot by Baptiste Demay.

It was only a month ago today, on March 17th 2013 that Foucher died tragically, before Goulding got a chance to see his change of direction. By the time Bade sent along the edit, unaware of the sudden passing, Foucher had been dead for days…leaving Goulding no choice but to confront and accept a beauty which Foucher so passionately believed in and, clearly, wanted everyone to see.