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10 emerging artists to watch

10 Emerging Artists to Watch

Jenkin Van Zyl

Working Title, 2015

Working Title, 2015

Watermelon and cabbage cocktails served at his openings, Van Zyl’s creations go beyond your regular immersive installation; they are part ‘violent cowboy re-enactment film’, part sci-fi horror theatre.

As if a rave has petered out mere moments ago, this carefully crafted disorder is painstakingly pieced together with a level of detail that would make a props manager wince. 

One such ‘set’ is complete with old car seats, with appliquéd matching imagery, each topped with a flattened prosthetic mask, offering the viewer a part in the unnerving surroundings, as a hyperreal western unfolds on the screen.

A fascination for fancy dress, Van Zyl embodies his work, becoming character from his world, and recently receiving attention individually from fashion publications noting his creative output on social media.

Natalie Craven