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10 emerging artists to watch

10 Emerging Artists to Watch

Evelyn O’Connor

Mixed media, 2014

Mixed media, 2014

Employing domestic materials that closely resemble traditional sculpture materials, O’Connor attempts to bring sculpture closer to everyday life. Playing with colour and slapstick humour she is also interested in the precarious nature of her creations that seem close to the verge of collapse. The reconfiguration of objects focuses on form and materiality: ‘the obsession to dress one thing up as another and transform the objects and materials of everyday life’.

Having begun her studies in Ireland, and graduating from the Royal Academy Schools in 2016, O’Connor’s was artist in residence at Beaconsfield, Vauxhall in 2016, and also completed a one-month residency in Beijing for the Red Mansion Art Prize.

‘When you know it’s going to fall, is it diabolical? Devastating, you might say. How about when you close your eyes after staring so long it’s hazy. All you can see is pink now and the top seems so far away. Are you sure about it? So sure, yet it’s beyond absurd. Blathering on about everything and nothing. Inside. Outside. Inside, it’s all the same really. The messages were got all right, a bit too many in the end.’ 

Natalie Craven